Flick Fighter 2
Arcade style game for android mobiles

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This game started as part of a university degree project to research touch controls for gaming, specifically investigating the flick or fling gesture as a way of controlling movement of an object.

The demo game created from this process also resulted in the creation of a turn-based game engine coded specifically for low-level Android mobiles. The feedback derived from this simple 500k demo prompted further development but this time with an external library or framework to do the main Android application work.

Flick Fighter 2 would remain cell-based in design and layout but lose the turn-based component and allow a faster, more fluid game to be played. The graphical elements would be improved but ultimately this game is still about researching and developing techniques in control and game design.

An inclusion of a level editor was always desired but not implemented until half way into the development of the game due to its added complexity and requiring basic functionality from the game engine. This level editor also enabled some early research into procedural generation as well as allowing more levels to be played than are available from the game itself.

A third area of research was for the AI and demo splash screen level. The AI required some pathfinding (A-star) algorithms as well as strategic logic and these were implemented with reasonable success. The demo screen level is modelled on 1980s style arcade games that would auto-play a level or two of the game and allow the player to watch it as a tutorial of sorts.

Starting in January of this year it took seven months of coding and refining to get the game to a level suitable enough for releasing to the google play store in the hope that feedback from testers with devices other than the 4 currently used will aid further improvements.

Flick Fighter 2 is considered to be a beta release as further improvements are needed in file handling, screen density handling, graphical assets for tablets, fort playlist creation, pathfinder improvements, strategic logic refinement and increase in size of a given level (fort).

made with libgdx

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