Flick Fighter 2
Arcade style game for android mobiles

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Screenshot of the game showing the demo about to start. This demo was inspired by 80s arcade games that had an auto playing demo of the game that ran until someone came along and started playing.

This second screenshot shows the demo running with various enemy entities roaming around and targeting the player's ship.

After touching the game screen by either swiping (flick) to move the demo ship or tapping to fire the ship's laser, the game will enter into player mode that allows the player to finish the demo level and then advance onto following levels, such as this one.

A major component of the game is a Creator section that allows the player to create their own levels, either square by square or by using a Build function that quickly populates a level with some structures.

An example of using the Creator's Build function to generate some structures, enemy entities and required objects of player ship, powerup, switch and gateway.

The Creator has the ability to save and load the levels created by the player. The game will then allow play of these levels sequentially.

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