ideas and workings

Original Dev Env -
iPhone OS 2.2.1
Xcode 3.1.2

Base Dev Env
iOS 3.1.3 (simulator and device)
Xcode 3.2.1

Release Dev Env
iOS 4.1 (simulator and device)
Xcode 3.2.4

Compile target -
iOS 4.x(mandatory)
Xcode 3.2.x(4.0?)

Programmer Notes -
- UIAppFont can be used to import custom ttf fonts into an app, can only function on an iOS 3.2 upwards.

- UIButtons can have customised images and be instantiated via code to have complete control over appearance.

Localisation possiblities with having the story content stored in file(s) that are loadable depending on user location and availability. So an English version of the story can be replaced with a French version and so on, meaning that the application again complies with the Model View Controller method where the content is separate from the display. Initial application use would be where the story is translated into another language and then the app is compiled into a language specific version. later versions of the application should have the ability to load books/stories of choice and therefore language of choice, dependent on the availability of course. In other words, the Reader application can import books to read.

Have an application ( and an iPhone app? ) that is designer/writer program that follows the template of first story to be written. Further to this, using Test Version 2.x as the basis, the writer needs to be able to start with a blank file structure, create an entry page, create variables that can be used throughout the text, layout the two major threads, create next buttons and links, create the flatfiles that contain the content and then publish to a Reader Interface for testing.

If/Else Books, Boolean Books

Promo codes for media - fashion and tech etc plus their websites, for free app download. Advert that is text based - "You have been asked out by your fancy, do you accept? - yes / no goto ifDev at Itunes..."

Website for the app, needs to have a forum for people to chat into, links to the app store(s), backstory for each episode, hints or clues and finally possible access to the Writer Interface application, download for monies or free?

Android or J2ME version as well, for same price?

If reject from app store then its possible to make it as a webapp for same target platform.

It's a Cat/Dog Thing. All genres have two threads, can have many authors of different books within that genre.

Each page has a button(s) to either make a major, minor or fake decision, or in form of the narrator saying to the reader, "is this guy crazy or what? - Yes/No"

Add setting for Night mode, inverse font and background colour. Brightness option?

Lite version for free, full version for $1.19. Not the best idea, make advertising the hook into the app.

No page or chapter numbers.

Revised Class Diagram 02 -
revised class diagram
Program State -
program state
Flowchart -
flow diagram
Use case -
first person use case
Class Diagram -
simplified class diagram