Flick Fighter - demo 6

The concept is to design and make an Android based app that can be used to test some ideas about touch controls for objects on a mobile phone. This is also an opportunity to learn about game engines and coding a game for mobile devices.

The game called Flick Fighter is a turn-based game where the player has three distinct phases within each turn. The phases in order are move, shoot and finally defend. After which the basic enemy AI has a pot shot at the player's ship. Primarily this demonstration app is used to examine whether a flick analogy is good for a game, where the user touches and then flicks an object forward. It is also used as a test for an app where the game loop runs as a separate runnable, updating the graphics only when an object is moving, not when idle.

This DEMO app is compiled with Android 2.3.3 to show the idea of Flick Fighter.
It is not coded to to always behave correctly on a production device.

Sound and the settings menu have been disabled.

It is hard coded for devices using MDPI screens of 800x480px

No save state or minimise to background without restarting.

No permissions needed.

The app is available here (578kb):

Some screenshots below show various iterations of the design and function of the app -