Game Proposal 2014 - Terra Nullius proposal

This game is presented in the first-person perspective and is ultimately a story driven, role-playing adventure game. It uses some JRPG elements for conversations with NPCs that inform the player about the period and the environment etc. Choices can be made throughout to allow exploration within certain areas but there is a narrative to be followed. The environment is an abstract portrayal of 1850s Victoria. Historical accuracy is of primary importance in setting the limits of the player's ability as well as the responses from the world.

The main objective is exploring and understanding the strange landscape that is 1850s Victoria as well as surviving at a basic level (food, water, shelter and safety). These are provided by observation of the game world and conversations with people. This is not a shooter or a platform game, it is an exploration and the history of this time is fascinating. The rawness of life at this time will provide ample game mechanics to allow resource management be of concern. Supplies can be procured either legally or via the method of hold-up or even theft. NPCs will either assist or hamper the player in all aspects.

World interaction is set to as real as possible, if it exists it can be picked up or moved. The player will need a reason to go into any building or they will be shouted out or even attacked. Material goods in this world are limited and pricey (approx. 300% above norm) so the there will only be few available to see or to acquire.

The final proposal is available here:
proposal pdf

Android App Proposal 2013 - EARplay prototype

EARplay is an app developed for specific Android OS mobile phones and requires stereophonic microphones which listen to the surrounding environment and use it to form the basis of an abstracted and evolving soundscape listened to with headphones.

EARplay uses two microphones to create an abstracted soundscape from to the surrounding environment. General background ambience will pass through the app relatively untouched so as to provide a realistic context for the derived abstracted sounds. This will be created from the more prominent sounds as determined by a combination of the app audio engine and user settings. The intention is to add a creative sonic element to the surrounding environment of the user that augments and exaggerates the tonal qualities found within.

The app prototype proposal is available here:
proposal pdf

Theatre Review 2013 - C!RCA

Brisbane based C!RCA have been performing their style of contemporary circus since 2006 to critical acclaim around the world. The 2013 season of Wunderkammer at the Malthouse Theatre is their latest show that involves, as the company profile states, "a blending of bodies, light, sound and skill". Artistic Director Yaron Lifschitz's subtle choreography enables this performance of acrobatic skill and strength to be elevated to a moving and thoughtful piece.

The full review is available here:
circa pdf

Creative Writing 2013 - Letter of 1853

DEAR SIR, I had the honour, on the 10th instant, to receive Your Excellency's letter dated 29th October, requesting information as to the time and circumstances of my settling in Port Phillip. Please forgive the lateness in reply but matters relating to my recent settlement of the district have been of prominence in my mind. Any superfluous matter I hope you will excuse, and anything wanting I shall be happy to supply at any time you may require me to do so.

The full letter is available here:
letter pdf

Major Project 2013 - Flick Fighter game engine

Concept is to design and make an Android based app that can be used to test some ideas about touch controls for objects on a mobile phone. This is also an opportunity to learn about game engines and coding a game for mobile devices.

The game called Flick Fighter is a turn-based game where the player has three distinct phases within each turn. The phases in order are move, shoot and finally defend. After which the basic enemy AI has a pot shot at the player's ship. Primarily this demonstration app is used to examine whether a flick analogy is good for a game, where the user touches and then flicks an object forward. It is also used as a test for an app where the game loop runs as a separate runnable, updating the graphics only when an object is moving, not when idle.

A webpage for the demo app is is located here:

The final report is available here:
report pdf

Concept Development 2011 - EARfreq prototype

The EarFreq Project is chartered with constructing a preliminary prototype that seeks to investigate the hardware requirements for creating object detecting sonar earphones as well as the software that translates these objects into a meaningful and musical soundscape.

The device itself consists of a set of earphones and software that uses ultrahigh frequency scanning of the surrounding area to create a three dimensional map that consists of "regions of interest". These will be limited to moving objects that are within a certain size threshold. These objects are described audibly dependent on where they are located in relation to the user, as well as their velocity and direction of travel.

The prototype concept report is available here:
prototype pdf

Game Development 2011 - Nepalese Bullet concept

The Nepalese Bullet is a game concept that puts the player in charge of a small sea-going vessel as they explore a post-apocalyptic world that has had dramatic sea level rises. This open world game is to have trade and skirmishes as a major game mechanic, with navigation and exploration and secondary activity. Scope for building up strategic interests was considered. This document serves to introduce the concept as well as a 20 second animation for a final assignment.

The concept document is available here:
concept pdf

Photographic Essay 2011 - Dai ichi

A series of photographs taken by various media outlets was doctored with the addition of the image of a Lego "Hazmat Guy" mini-fig. This mini-fig was posed and lit in a manner to suit the perspective, angle, lighting and quality of the original photograph. It was the intention to not effect these original images other than cropping to increase any narrative focus and to fit within the delivery constraints of a 1024px x 768px flash interface. A newscast audio sample was manipulated in Cubase.

A webpage with an embedded flash movie is available here:

NOTE : 12 MB in size...

photo essay